Manika Featured In Vents Magazine! Click the picture below to zoom in 🙂

Manika Featured In Vents Magazine


My Way on top 40 radio week 2!!!  Yeah Manikans!  Keep requesting My Way at your local radio stations!!
Shout out to these radio stations 🙂 Thank you for all the love on my single!!
1.       KMVA/Phoenix AZ
2.       WKZL/Greensboro NC
3.       KVLY/McAllen TX
4.       WYOY/Jackson MS
5.       KLCA/Reno NV
6.       WPIA/Peoria IL
7.       WCIL/Carbondale IL
8.       KXSS/Amarillo TX
9.       WVAQ/Morgantown WV
10.     WWHX/Bloomington IL
11.      KVFX/Logan UT
You guys are truly amazing!!  Gonna to drop by and visit soon…can’t wait!!  🙂

Girl’s Life Reveal Their Favorite Songs On Manika (Double Album)
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Girls Life Reveal Their Favorite Songs On Manika (Double Album)

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My Way on top 40 radio!!! Manikans we did it!  My Way is on top 40 radio!!!!
Huge thank you these radio stations your amazing supporting!!  You guys rock!!! 🙂
1.       KREV/San Francisco CA
2.       KFRH/Las Vegas NV
3.       KLLY/Bakersfield CA
4.       KRCK/Palm Springs CA
5.       WXXX/Burlington VT
6.       WWXM/Myrtle Beach SC
7.       KISR/Ft. Smith AR
8.       KJCK/Junction City KS
9.       WNKI/Elmira NY
10.      WFIZ/Ithica NY
11.      KIXY/San Angelo TX
I love you guys <3 Can’t wait to drop by and visit 🙂

EXCLUSIVE! Manika fulfills Frank DiLeo’s vision with album!

Manika’s interview with Ifelicious! Read the article here:

MANIKA (Double Album) Cover Revealed!!!  Here it is Manikans! The cover to my debut album MANIKA (Double Album) !!  Album will be released very soon!!!!  I’m so excited 🙂 🙂 <3x

MANIKA (Double Album)</em> Cover Revealed!!!

Thanks Fanlala for the fabulous article!!  I know my MANIKANS are super excited for my debut album MANIKA (Double Album) too!!!  MANIKANS!  Be on the lookout for a super exclusive behind-the-scenes video of me in the studio plus interview with Fanlala 🙂

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Had so much fun on the More Show on Fox today!!  Thanks for having me 🙂
Show on Fox.

Manikans! Get a sneak peek from my debut album MANIKA (Double Album) to be released later this month!!  Hear THREE SONGS right now on Channel 1 News Hear It Now at  This link is ONLY good for this week so go listen NOW for your sneak peek!!! 🙂

Exclusive Interview with FansShare!  Check out the full article here:

Exclusive Manika Interview

Exclusive Manika Interview
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