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My awesome fans,
YOU are doing such an amazing job supporting me at the radio stations! I put the list of the stations that are playing “My Way by Manika” below for you to call, email, facebook message, and tweet. Please call the radio station that is in your listening reach and request “My Way by Manika”. And if the radio station YOU listen to is NOT on the list below, then please call them and ask them to add “My Way by Manika” to their playlist. Keep calling the stations until you hear my song! And please continue facebook messaging, emailing, texting and tweeting too! Ask them to play “My Way by Manika”.

And because you are doing this for me, I am going to do something FOR YOU! I am going to give you my double album of 28 songs and five videos for FREE as my gift to YOU! My 28 songs sell for $1.29 each on iTunes. But for my fans who are helping me become played on the radio, for YOU I am giving you all 28 songs (includes five videos) for FREE! Just go to this web site and download it for free NOW:


The FREE offer does not last long, so do it right now!
After you download my album, please continue calling, facebook messaging, emailing, texting and tweeting the stations listed below. THANK YOU!!!
♥♥ Manika

RADIO STATIONS REQUEST INFO (Phone lines, Facebook, Twitter, Emails)

CLICK HERE TO SEE RADIO REQUEST INFO LIST–> ManikaOfficial.com/RadioRequestList