It’s finally here!! So excited to share this with you!! The official music video for “B.Y.O.Bugatti”! Check it out below 😀

My new single “B.Y.O.Bugatti” is now available worldwide on iTunes!! Includes both the radio single and the Jump Smokers remix!! Download your copy now! Click the link:

Check out Jump Smokers amazing twerk remix of my new single “B.Y.O.Bugatti”! Love it <3 😀

Here it is! The official artwork for my new single “B.Y.O.Bugatti”! Now playing on Top 40 & Rhythmic Radio! Request it at your favorite radio stations ❤️❤️ #BYOBugatti #Manika

Congrats to the winners of this #ManikaContest!  Want your own custom Manika Bugatti radio/iPhone/iPod/computer speaker too?  Don’t worry I’ll be having more contest coming up soon! <3 <3

Here’s a sneak peek from my new single “B.Y.O.Bugatti” being sent to Top 40/Rhythmic radio now! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it and see the music video!! 😀 Also stay tuned for the single cover artwork coming soon!

Here’s a sneak from the single cover artwork for #B.Y.O.Bugatti 😉

And a sneak peek from behind the scenes of the music video shoot!

Having a great time hosting “Global Beauty Masters” new reality TV show series! First stop was NYC, Second was stop Chicago, Next stop Phoenix! Congrats to the fabulous winners of our first two student qualifiers!

My live performance of “Vegas Party (Jump Smokers Club Remix)” at Light Nightclub at Mandalay Bay Las Vegas!! Check it out 😀

My cover girl feature is finally here on DLXVRSN Magazine’s winter issue!! Order your copy here –> 😀 And read the online version now at The first ever luxury fashion magazine cover to be in 3D! <3

My single “Vegas Party” is number 28 on the Billboard Top 40 Airplay Chart!! OMG this is so crazy THANK YOU!!! <3 Keep requesting "Vegas Party" at your local radio station #Manikans! We did it! 😀 Hmmm think we can beat Taylor Swift next week?! 😉